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Episode 65: COVID-19 Thoughts – August 2020

I wanted to take some time and discuss what we no about COVID and how we can be safe in the band hall in the 2020-2021 school year. This is not medical/legal advice, but just my attempts to report on research with some commentary thrown in there. If you came to the website looking for the references, look at the pdf below.

Episode 64: Bobby Lambert – Part 3

In our final episode with Bobby Lambert, head director at Wando High School, we discuss literature, fundamentals, and chamber ensembles.

Episode 64: Bobby Lambert – Part 2

Our second episode in the series with Wando High School head director Bobby Lambert. In this episode we talk about the selecting literature and the importance of fundamentals.

Episode 63: Bobby Lambert – Part 1

Bobby Lambert is the head band director at Wando High School in South Carolina. His groups have performed at the Midwest Clinic and various BOA events. In this episode we discuss learning from mistakes and finding success as a young director.

Episode 62: Perspectives with Peyton Grover and Shane Lemanski – Part 2

In the second part of our annual perspectives series, Peyton and Shane talk about distance learning, student independence, and the importance of relationships in band directing.

Episode 61: Perspectives with Peyton Grover and Shane Lemanski

In our annual Perspectives series, we have Peyton Grover and Shane Lemanski, two first year teachers in Texas with some great insights into their success during a challenging first year.

Episode 60: Gary Williams – Part 2

Join Gary Williams for part 2 of our chat about honor band, encouraging students, and general band talk.

Episode 59: Gary Williams – Part 1

In this episode Gary Williams joins me for a great chat about building a healthy culture in the band program, building relationships, and general band talk. Mr. Williams is the head band director at Cockrill Middle School and his band has performed at The Midwest Clinic and the Texas Music Educators Association Clinic and Convention.

Episode 58 – Remote Instruction Round Table

In this episode I invited several skilled directors to a round table discussion about teaching ensembles remotely. We discuss ways they have already used technology to reach beyond their classrooms, ways to handle the upcoming challenges, and philosophical foundations for teaching through the COVID challenge.

Episode 57: Percussion Basics – Part 2

My friend and colleague Jordan Stern stops by in this episode to talk about some of the tips and tricks for percussion that every band director should know.

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