Episode 1: Classroom Management Part-1

In our first episode we introduce classroom management: why it matters, how you can plan ahead, and the ins and outs of procedures. I’ve included the basic outline I used. Feel free to contact me with any questions or thoughts. Or you can share any ideas about classroom management in the comments. Thanks for listening!

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  1. What drives management problems
    1. Student needs
      1. External and internal
      2. Maslow
    2. Confusion
    3. Frustration
    4. Long term change requires changes in motivation, needs, or rewards at an intrinsic level
  2. Planning and procedures
    1. Be proactive
    2. Be organized
      1. Lesson plans
      2. Curricular content
      3. Sequence
      4. Classroom and materials
  1. Procedures
    1. How you want your room to function
    2. Not punitive
    3. Be thorough – give examples
    4. Plan to teach procedures
  1. Professionalism
    1. Be pleasant, but not friends with the students
    2. Look like a teacher
    3. Talk like a teacher
    4. Model positive behavior to students
    5. Treat everyone with respect

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