Episode 2: Classroom Management – Part 2

Once you’re professional and have planned for class, how do you improve your classroom management?


This episode continues our talk regarding classroom management, where we talk about things such as the importance of having a few, actionable rules; developing logical and appropriate consequences, and pacing/redirection tips for improving student behavior on the spot.  If you haven’t had a chance to listen to episode 1, I’d encourage you to start there. 

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As always, I’ve included a rough outline below.

  1. Have rules
    1. Short
    2. Action oriented
    3. Generic vs specific
    4. Aligned with campus/district
    5. Consistent consequences
      1. Logical and appropriate
      2. Transparent
      3. Rewards vs. punishments
  1. Pacing
    1. Feedback
      1. Clear, concise, specific
      2. Provide goals
      3. Talk less, play more
  1. Redirection
    1. Not personal
    2. Calm
    3. Non-verbal and verbal
    4. Try to eliminate payoff
    5. Don’t be afraid to redirect or apply consequences
    6. Practice/reinforce procedures.

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