Episode 35: Supplementary Materials – Part 4

In this final episode in the series, Darcy Williams (of After Sectionals fame) talks about teaching rhythm logically and the importance of reaching out to other skilled teachers.

If you are an iTunes listener, grab the episode with the link above (iTunes links are affiliate links, which means if you buy something on iTunes I get a small commission – at no extra cost to you).

1 comment on “Episode 35: Supplementary Materials – Part 4

  1. Sarah Vogel says:

    I have been listening to these podcasts since summer 2018 when I got on the podcast bandwagon. I typically listen in the car, but this summer I am going to listen from the beginning again because I am always so inspired about what I want to do next in my classroom. I am wrapping up year 2 of teaching and imagine I will be listening to your entire collection over and over again with new ways to apply what you discuss. Thank you for the work you do for this podcast!

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