Book Release

I’m so excited to share this with the world! We have a book, titled Program Notes: A Comprehensive Guide to Band Directing, published by GIA Publications. This book covers theoretical and practical tips for a wide variety of areas crucial to successfully starting your career.

Pro-order the book here!

Episode 88: Lynne Jackson – Part 1

In the first of this series of episodes, Lynne discusses key concepts for flute and clarinet that lead to beginner’s success.

If you are here to find the link for the book mentioned in the intro, it can be pre-ordered here.

Episode 86: Work/Life Balance

A quick chat about maintaining a good balance between work and the rest of life.

Episode 86 – Getting the Most Out of Conferences

In this episode, I offer 7 tips for making the most of conferences this year.

Episode 85: Cindy Lansford – Part 2

In our second episode, Cindy Lansford talks about planning, mentoring, and successful teaching.

Episode 84: Cindy Lansford – Part 1

In this series, we have Cindy Lansford on to talk about the importance of tone, careful instruction, and helping students learn.

Episode 83: Jason Prasifka – Part 2

Part two of my talk with Jason Prasifka about the importance of instrumental pedagogy and fundamental instruction.

Episode 82: Jason Prasifka – Part 1

I’m joined by Jason Prasifka, high school band director in the North Dallas area to talk about the importance of instrumental pedagogy and fundamental instruction.

Episode 81: Starting Over in a Pandemic

This is a standalone episode where I share my thoughts about starting over after the fun that has been COVID. I discuss culture, instruction, classroom management, and mental health as all important considerations for our return to rehearsals.

Episode 80: Carter Biggers – Part 2

In part two of my chat with Carter, we talk programming, competition, and tips for starting out.

I also want to note for anyone reading this page that we will have a decreased number of episodes this summer, due to some teaching load/work things. Thanks for your patience!

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