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Knowing Appropriate Rep

Learn the young band music!

The next episode on literature selection is recorded and ready to go, but I thought I’d share a resource in a related topic.  This blog post at has a great intro to some literature selection, with quick notes about several young band pieces.  It can be a challenge for beginning band directors to select appropriate literature.  Often, you have just left an amazing collegiate experience where the repertoire was phenomenal, which is great.  But you may not be quite as familiar with the beginning and intermediate band literature.  It is a good idea to begin to explore it as soon as you can, as it will help you develop literature selection skills.

In Part 1 of literature selection, we will talk about some of the practical aspects and tips.  In part 2 I am excited to have Dr. Kyle Glaser, my colleague here at Texas State University, who will join us for a more in depth discussion of programming and the existing literature for younger bands.  Fun stuff for November!

Dr. John Denis

Episode 2: Classroom Management – Part 2

Once you’re professional and have planned for class, how do you improve your classroom management?


This episode continues our talk regarding classroom management, where we talk about things such as the importance of having a few, actionable rules; developing logical and appropriate consequences, and pacing/redirection tips for improving student behavior on the spot.  If you haven’t had a chance to listen to episode 1, I’d encourage you to start there. 

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As always, I’ve included a rough outline below.

  1. Have rules
    1. Short
    2. Action oriented
    3. Generic vs specific
    4. Aligned with campus/district
    5. Consistent consequences
      1. Logical and appropriate
      2. Transparent
      3. Rewards vs. punishments
  1. Pacing
    1. Feedback
      1. Clear, concise, specific
      2. Provide goals
      3. Talk less, play more
  1. Redirection
    1. Not personal
    2. Calm
    3. Non-verbal and verbal
    4. Try to eliminate payoff
    5. Don’t be afraid to redirect or apply consequences
    6. Practice/reinforce procedures.

Episode 1: Classroom Management Part-1

In our first episode we introduce classroom management: why it matters, how you can plan ahead, and the ins and outs of procedures. I’ve included the basic outline I used. Feel free to contact me with any questions or thoughts. Or you can share any ideas about classroom management in the comments. Thanks for listening!

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  1. What drives management problems
    1. Student needs
      1. External and internal
      2. Maslow
    2. Confusion
    3. Frustration
    4. Long term change requires changes in motivation, needs, or rewards at an intrinsic level
  2. Planning and procedures
    1. Be proactive
    2. Be organized
      1. Lesson plans
      2. Curricular content
      3. Sequence
      4. Classroom and materials
  1. Procedures
    1. How you want your room to function
    2. Not punitive
    3. Be thorough – give examples
    4. Plan to teach procedures
  1. Professionalism
    1. Be pleasant, but not friends with the students
    2. Look like a teacher
    3. Talk like a teacher
    4. Model positive behavior to students
    5. Treat everyone with respect

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