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Episode 94: Dr. Matthew McInturf – Part 1

In these episodes, I sit down with Dr. McInturf to talk about theory and practice in the band classroom.

Episode 93: Beginning Band Crash Course

In this episode, I talk about tips for having a successful year with your beginning band students.

Episode 91: Fred Allen – Part 1

Part one of my chat with Fred Allen, retired band director and university professor.

Episode 90: Lynne Jackson – Part 3

The final part of my chat with Lynne Jackson, touching upon tuba, percussion, and what young teachers need to know.

Episode 89: Lynne Jackson – Part 2

We continue our discussion with Lynne Jackson about starting beginners, focusing on trumpet and horn.

Book Release

I’m so excited to share this with the world! We have a book, titled Program Notes: A Comprehensive Guide to Band Directing, published by GIA Publications. This book covers theoretical and practical tips for a wide variety of areas crucial to successfully starting your career.

Pro-order the book here!

Episode 88: Lynne Jackson – Part 1

In the first of this series of episodes, Lynne discusses key concepts for flute and clarinet that lead to beginner’s success.

If you are here to find the link for the book mentioned in the intro, it can be pre-ordered here.

Episode 86: Work/Life Balance

A quick chat about maintaining a good balance between work and the rest of life.

Episode 86 – Getting the Most Out of Conferences

In this episode, I offer 7 tips for making the most of conferences this year.