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I am John Denis: music nerd, band director, and Assistant Professor of Music Education at Texas State University. I’ve taught band at the junior high and high school level, worked with student teachers as both a coop and university supervisor, presented at state and international music education conferences, and worked with bands of varying levels in multiple states. I’ve also conducted research and written pedagogical articles for publications such as Update: Applications of Research in Music Education, The Journal of Music, Technology, and Education, and The Southwestern Musician. You can also find some of my thoughts on on the NAfME and Smartmusic blogs.

One of my greatest professional joys is helping young teachers be successful. I love to see the enthusiasm brought to the classroom by new band directors, and it excites me to see them and their students succeed.
Here at Texas State I teach woodwind secondary methods, band methods, and work with our graduate program. I love nerding out about music teaching, among other things, and couldn’t be happier with being an educator. When I’m not working, I’m hanging out with my awesome wife who is really the best. I also love to read, write, and continue my own learning.

You can find me on Facebook by searching @bandpodcast or on twitter @john_m_denis